Take Construction Management to New Heights

Nexobuild is an innovative and intuitive approach towards construction management which is designed to accumulate all aspects of construction in one place to save your time and budget.


Builder & Owner Project Sharing

One of Nexobuild’s most popular values has been streamlining builders and owners communications resulted in less unnecessary interactions. Say goodbye to frequent emails, phone calls, meetings as well as waiting days to get the results.

Nexobuild’s intuitive user interface makes it especially easy for people with limited experience in construction industry to reach the information they need.

Nexobuild allows builders and owners to quickly and safely share project information. Once uploaded onto Nexobuild’s cloud, the information is live, so are their updated summaries such as total budget, expenses, project progress etc.

Nexobuild works two ways, you can start a project as a builder or an owner and ask your owner or builder to join you and build up on what you have started. If needed, you are able to start another project and share it with the same or different owners or builders.

Project - User Access Privilege

Here is an example showing different access privilege for some users in a sample project:

You can grant access to your team members to view or edit every aspect of project all at your fingertips anywhere, anytime and from any device.

nexobuild sample access